The Potts Report: June 2014

BOARD Joe PottsOccasionally I am approached by someone who is interested in attending soundShoppe but is worried because they don’t have much experience playing experimental music with others. My answer is always, “that’s what soundShoppe is for!”

I like to try to bring equipment that I am not familiar with so that I can figure out how to integrate it into sound performances. In the past at soundShoppe musicians have played an incredible array of instruments including shooting a BB gun at a gong, and dragging a chair across the floor. On the other hand musicians have played violins, violas and cellos and all types of guitars, as well as piano, organ, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and tuba. There have been all varieties of electronics including: off the shelf and circuit bent, vintage and just-released, modular synths and iPhone apps. At the last soundShoppe one of the participants played exclusively on a bright teal color Game boy (yes it had the camera attachment.)

So, whether you have been improvising for 40+ years (I guess like me, yikes) and are looking to figure out how to play well with others, or have only recently decided that you would like to try experimental music, you are equally welcome at soundShoppe. Improvising is one of those things that you can only learn by doing it so why not give it a shot.

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