State of SASSAS: Director’s Report, January 2016

As SASSAS enters the final weekend of our annual fund drive, I want to thank everyone who’s given so far. We have $6,800 to raise in order to reach our fund drive goal of $10,000! Please donate today.

Why does SASSAS continue to be one of the leading experimental music organizations in Los Angeles?

SASSAS pays artists a guaranteed fee for all sound. and soundSpark concerts. Artists receive $100…

State of SASSAS: Director’s Report, September 2014 – Fundraising Frenzy


If you’re a follower of SASSAS on Facebook or Twitter or on our mailing list, you’ve probably noticed that we’re in a fundraising frenzy. We are working on overdrive to bridge the gap that exists between our ambitions and our size — closing the gap on our programming expense deficit while laying the groundwork for crossing the magic $100,000 budget threshold that would enable us to apply for increased levels of funding to support our programming!

It’s grant season and we’ve just…

STATE OF SASSAS: Director’s Report, July 2014 – SASSAS is strapped.

It’s great to be back after a year in Charlottesville as the Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence at UVA. SASSAS is blessed with two dedicated Assistant Directors, Christina Ondrus and Daniel Corral, who stepped up and did an incredible job while I was away! In the last month SASSAS has launched an incredible new website (fabulously designed by Team A) and we’re received two Critics Picks and a review in…