Sonny Rollins – Bad Day / Bad Hoax!

Sonny Rollins

Just added by the New Yorker:

“Editor’s note: This article, which is part of our Shouts & Murmurs humor blog, is a work of satire.”

So there you go….


“Jazz might be the stupidest thing anyone ever came up with. The band starts a song, but then everything falls apart and the musicians just play whatever they want for as long they can stand it. People take turns noodling around, and once they run out of ideas and have to…

One is the loneliest number

Great article by Joshua Wolf Shenk dissecting Lennon – McCartney as emblematic of the power of collaboration and creative partnership….quoting:

“For centuries, the myth of the lone genius has towered over us, its shadow obscuring the way creative work really gets done. The attempts to pick apart the Lennon-McCartney partnership reveal just how misleading that myth can be, because John and Paul were so obviously more creative as a pair than as individuals, even if at times they…