Kickstarting this weekend to pay our composers #scenicsound

Did you catch The future of new music is at risk if we continue to undervalue composers in The Guardian last month? WE AGREE! That’s why we’re trying to up our game!

We’re happy to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for the free sound. concerts at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook has been selected by ArtBasel (yes THAT ArtBasel) as one of 4 featured projects for their new crowdfunding initiative. We feel this increased visibility will benefit the great musicians and composers we’ve worked with at the Overlook since 2011, especially Matt Barbier, Sarah Peterson and Southern California Sonic Ecology who are all premiering new work at our October 5 concert.

Please take a minute (or two) and watch our pitch – we hope you decide to back us so we can better pay the musicians and artists we work with and continue to produce free programming! And if you can’t back us right now, please share the project and help spread the word!

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