5.5 Questions for the Southland Ensemble

This week, the founders of the Southland Ensemble – Eric KM Clark, James Klopfleisch, and Christine Tavolacci – will lead SASSAS’ Kids Play Oliveros workshops. On Sunday, September 7, they will lead students from The Harmony Project in a free concert of Oliveros’ music at 2pm at CFAER.

The Southland Ensemble will also perform works by Pauline Oliveros at Human Resources on Sept. 9, 8pm.

 What led you to the work you’re making now?

The majority of us…

5.5 Questions for Carmina Escobar

What led you to the work you’re making now?

For a while, I’ve been really interested in the phenomenon of resonance, and most of my personal work has been oriented towards exploring this physical event both conceptually and perceptually. I think this is because of the nature of my primordial instrument, the voice, and its production through an utter bodily experience .

Who are some other musicians and/or artists you admire and why?

I tend to admire the people I…

5.5 Questions for Odeya Nini

What led you to the work you’re making now?

My main focus in the last few years has been performing experimental vocals integrated with movement, a full bodied experience. The physical movement of the body is inseparable from the character of the voice. Integrating these two has led my vocalizing to be very dynamic and highly expressive, opening new possibilities of sound.

I arrived at this form of art over a long period of time spent singing as different personalities…