Electronics and Audio Reproduction as means for Audio Generation
by W. T. Nelson of Bastard Noise and Trogotonic.

Sunday, February 8, 2009 1p 4p Performance
Center for the Arts Eagle Rock 2225 Colorado Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041


W. T. Nelson‘s interest in audio spans the last three decades from sci-fi sagas devised on venerable reel to reel tape decks in the late 70’s to present day design of analog gear for Trogotronic as well as performance/producing for Three One G, Relapse, Kalligrammifon and Gravity with projects The Bastard Noise, Geronimo, Orchestra Sensa Tenza & Unicorn in spite of any formal education or concerned pleas from his accountant.

soundShoppe is a FREE, monthly, unstructured sound workshop/noise jam for experimental musicians and sound artists presented by SASSAS and Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. All are welcome to join–from experienced musicians to novices. The ongoing sessions are led by Joe Potts, founding member of LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society)