resonating boxes,
one just intoned,
into a space
between the ears.
an arid ambiance,
improvised to fill
the cavity of your soul.

a live recording of the poole performance is available on soundCd no. 1

Sunday, September 26, 1999
Sacred Grounds 468 West 6th Street San Pedro, CA 90731



Rod Poole has experimented with various musical idioms including free improvisation, free jazz and live electronic music. He has performed with Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne and Miya Masaoka as well as in private collaborationswith Keith Rowe of AMM. After moving to the United States in 1989, his studies in just intonation began with instructor Ervin Wilson. His use of just intonation for acoustic guitar has resulted in solo improvisations of amazing complexity and depth. In Voice of the Bowed Guitar, his explorations of bowed guitar (in collaboration with Douglas Williford and Joseph Hammer) turn sustained listening into a transcendental experience. His recordings “December 96” and “The Death Adder” are available on Win Records and “Iasis” is on Transparency.

Ron Russell, Gabie Strong and David Patton live in Los Angeles and between 1997-8 recorded, edited and manufactured the first release on Pacific Standard Recordings, “Ron Russell, Gabie Strong, David Patton” . They are visual artists who collaborate to produce sound. The compact disc is made up of ‘instrumental’ neo-improvisations; guitars, drums and keyboards, re-cut, re-arranged, re-mixed and re-layered. Ptolemaic Terrascope has described their music as, “As ambient as it gets by an actual band with, like, real instruments. (How quaint!) This is fantastic music for doing other stuff to, but not the cleaning, as it operates on the same frequency as your Hoover.”