Guest curated by Kelly Kamen

(Pre SASSAS, organized by Cindy Bernard, recorded by Rod Poole)

Sunday, August 29, 1999
Sacred Grounds 468 West 6th Street San Pedro, CA 90731



Miya Masaoka is an American composer and sound artist. Her work explores bodily perception of vibration, movement and time while foregrounding complex timbre relationships. Classically trained, her work operates at the intersection of spatialized sound, frequency and perception, performance, social and historical references. Whether recording inside physical objects or inside a plant or the human body, within architecturally resonant spaces or outdoor resonant canyons, she creates incongruencies that feed the paradox of the contemporary condition.

This performance included:

  • Don Bolles – turntables, Revox A77
  • Alex Cline – percussion
  • Julie Fowells – violin
  • Michael Intriere – cello
  • Lynn Johnston – woodwinds
  • Miya Masaoka – conductor/composer
  • Rick Potts – synthesizer, sampler
  • Scot Ray – trombone
  • Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon
  • Harry Scorzo – violin
  • G.E. Stinson – guitar