At the home of 33 1/3 club member Abby Sher in Pacific Palisades.

Hosted by Johanna Went

Music by Ariel Pink, New Energy Encounter Group, Dick Slessig, Languis, and T. Kelly Mason

Sunday, May 18, 2008 4pm 8pm Performance


Silent auction with work by Bjorn Copeland, Meg Cranston, Aaron Curry, Taft Green, Patrick Hill, Louise Lawler, JP Munroe and more!

PLUS iPod Shuffles programmed by the members of Sonic Youth.

Johanna Went is an LA-based performance artist who started her career in the late 1970s as a musician in the punk scene.

Ariel Pink is an American musician, singer, and songwriter whose work draws heavily from the popular music of the 1960s–1980s.

New Energy Encounter Group is a psychedelic garage group that has consisted of Amy Cooper, Alice Konitz, Paul Gellman, Erik Bluhm, Lawrence Rengert, Tom Watson, Bonnie Perkinson, and Ruby Neri.

Dick Slessig is the hypnotic band started by guitarist Mark Lightcap following the dissolution of his band Acetone, and includes bassist Carl Bronson and drummer Steve Goodfriend of Radar Brothers.

Languis, a duo that consists of Marcos Chloca and dublab founder Alejandro Cohen, has been making music since 1991, when the two were both classmates in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

T. Kelly Mason is a Los Angeles-based post-conceptual artist, writer, and educator who works in a number of media, including video, music, sculpture, and text.