Go to Paddle8 to bid on an Exquisite Corpse in support of SASSAS and the 20th Anniversary of the sound. concert series. Auction kicks of at 12pm PST on June 12 and closes on June 26.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Wednesday, June 26, 2019


SASSAS invited twenty artists to play the classic Surrealist parlor game of Exquisite Corpse to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our flagship concert series, sound.!

Invited artists asked two of their friends to collaborate in creating their Exquisite Corpse. Each artist concealed their contribution from the others, leaving only a small “trail” for them to follow in completing their “corpse.”

Bidding on the first ten “20th Anniversary Corpses” starts June 12 on Paddle8. Bidding for the second 10 drawings kicks off September 8th with an exhibition at The Pit. Proceeds go towards funding our 20th Anniversary programming, including a two-day video installation of the SASSAS Archives at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, and a sprawling Exquisite Corpse concert at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook on the occasion of a full moon.

We are also auctioning signed, complete edition sets of SASSAS Records V1!