1301peBidding starts May 19 and ends on May 31 at 7pm PDT.

The Bootleg LPs will be on display at 1301PE  from May 27-30 then at Blast![12] on May 31.

Join us for an artist’s reception on at 1301PE on Thursday May 28 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Blast![12] tickets may be purchased online until 10am May 31. — Blast![12] is sold out!

How bidding works

Starting bids and bid increments:
Starting bids begin at $250, unless noted otherwise.
Place subsequent bids in increments of $25 or more. You will receive an email notification if you are outbid.

Proxy bidding and maximum bids:
When bidding, you can place a bid at the next increment OR place a maximum bid. Entering a maximum bid is the best way to secure your winning bid especially as the auction moves into its final hours on Sunday, May 31.

To enter a maximum bid, type the maximum amount you want to pay for your Bootleg LP into the bidding window when you place your first bid. This is important as you can only revise your maximum bid once you have been outbid. Once the maximum bid is set, our system will automatically bid against other bidders on your behalf maintaining you as the winning bidder! Should you still be outbid, you will receive a notification and you can enter a new bid or new maximum bid at that time.

If two bids are tied, the person using the maximum bid system will prevail as that will be the earlier bid.

Sales tax, packing, shipping and picking up your work:
Winning bidders are responsible for sales tax, packing and shipping. Items may also be picked up at Blast![12] or from the SASSAS office in Highland Park starting June 8.

Please contact us with any questions!:

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