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All SASSAS Records are on sale during our Year End Fund Drive (Dec. 15 – Jan. 19)!

  • 4 LP subscriptions just $300 (25% off)
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SASSAS Records are limited edition vinyl LPs that pair previously unreleased experimental sound recordings with custom cover artwork designed by artists. Released quarterly, SASSAS Records are available as singles or by yearly subscription. Volume 1 (V1) launches in 2015:

V1.1 Aaron Dilloway / Extended Organ
Cover Art by Dave Muller

Cover by Dave Muller

SASSAS Records V1.1

V1.2 The Nels Cline Singers / Solid Eye
Cover Art by Sterling Ruby

SASSAS Records V1.2

SASSAS Records V1.2

V1.3 Lee Ranaldo / William Basinski
Cover Art by Sharon Lockhart / Alex Slade


SASSAS Records V.13







V1.4 Julia Holter
Cover Art by Analia Saban

SASSAS Records V1.4

SASSAS Records V1.4

  • A-sides include previously unreleased tracks by featured SASSAS Records musicians
  • B-sides are chosen by featured musicians from our extensive performance archives
  • Each release is a limited pressing of 110 records
  • Original cover artwork is signed and editioned
  • 12″ LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl
  • Free digital download code included
  • Available by subscription or single purchase

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