SASSAS is no longer active. From 2002 – 2019, SASSAS (Society for the Activation of Social Spaces through Art and Sound) produced and supported experimental music programming throughout Los Angeles. Its flagship concert series, sound., began three years prior to SASSAS incorporating as a 501(c)(3), and it ran for twenty years. This website remains online as an archive of the sound. concert series, SASSAS programming and associated projects, as well as the artists, venues, and personnel who helped make it all happen.

SASSAS Records V1.1: Aaron Dilloway / Extended Organ / Dave Muller

SASSAS Records V1.1 features an unreleased track by Aaron Dilloway, who selected a performance by Extended Organ from the SASSAS archives for the B side. The cover art by Dave Muller is a full-spread hand pulled screenprint, signed and numbered by the artist in a limited run of 110 copies. V1.1 released June 2015.

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SASSAS Records LogoSASSAS Records V1.1: Aaron Dilloway / Extended Organ / Dave Muller

  • Side A: Aaron Dilloway, Union of the Snakes, recorded live at Yale Union, Portland, Oregon (Reworked by Daniel Menche)
  • Side B: Extended Organ, (Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion) Live [excerpt] from sound. at the Schindler House (Recorded by Damon McCarthy)
  • Signed Artwork: Dave Muller created a double-spread image, printed full bleed on uncreased paper, suitable for framing. Each hand-pulled screen print has unique ink variations. Signed and numbered by the artist.

SASSAS Records V1.1 – Price upon request

SASSAS Records builds upon the organization’s sixteen years of producing innovative programming that operates at the nexus of experimental sound and art practices. V1, the introductory first volume, includes three LPs featuring tracks by Aaron Dilloway, Nels Cline, and Lee Ranaldo, with covers by Dave Muller, Sterling Ruby, and Analia Saban.

Each release features a B-side selected from the SASSAS archive by the A-side artist. Packaging for each album includes a 12” LP on 180 gram vinyl with SASSAS Records label and logo designed by Tom Recchion, the signed and numbered cover artwork, an insert with details on the tracks, digital download code, and an archival sleeve.


sound. at 356 Mission: Aaron Dilloway / Jason Lescalleet / John Wiese (photo by Wild Don Lewis)

sound. at 356 Mission:
Aaron Dilloway / Jason Lescalleet / John Wiese (photo by Wild Don Lewis)

Aaron Dilloway is an improviser and composer who works with the manipulation of 8-Track tape loops in combination with voice, tape delays and various organic and electronic sound sources. A founding member of the industrial noise group Wolf Eyes (1998 – 2005), Dilloway resides in Oberlin, OH where he runs Hanson Records and Mailorder. Since 1994, Hanson has been releasing LPs, cassettes, and CDs from artists Wolf Eyes, Emeralds, The Haters, Kevin Drumm, Twig Harper, Andrew Wilkes-Krier, Darksmith, and more. His album Modern Jester (Hanson Records) received critical praise on Pitchfork and was named one of the Top 10 Outer Sound Albums of 2012 by NPR.


Dave Muller performing John Cage's Variations IV at Welcome Inn Time Machine (Photo by Wild Don Lewis)

Dave Muller performing John Cage’s Variations IV at Welcome Inn Time Machine (Photo by Wild Don Lewis)

Dave Muller, who has become known for his paintings of vinyl records, likes to use the word “sampling” to describe his process. Muller, who has also been an active DJ since the 1980s, is interested in the history of music, and the ways in which records can evoke personalities or moments in history. Among his best-known works are what he calls the “Top Ten” paintings—paintings of the spines of 10-album stacks based on an individual’s actual or imagined music preferences. His subjects have ranged from close friends to Barack Obama. He is also known for making wall-sized murals diagramming the genealogy of music that extend into the far future, and making a “zip” (his narrow paintings of a single record spine) every day for a year based on what he listened to.


Extended Organ, sound at the Schindler House, September 2000 (Photos by Cindy Bernard)

Extended Organ, sound at the Schindler House, September 2000 (Photos by Cindy Bernard)

Extended Organ is Tom Recchion, Joe Potts, Fredrik Nilsen, Paul McCarthy and Alex Stevens. Mike Kelley was a longtime member of the group and continues to be a contributing member by virtue of the sound recordings he provided to the group before his death; “in case I can’t make a gig, I can still play.” Tom, Joe and Fredrik are founding members of the West Coast experimental art and sound collective known as The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS). The roots of the LAFMS trace back to 1972 when disparate groups of improvising sound experimenters in eastern Los Angeles discovered their mutual interest and banded together to design modes of self production and distribution of recordings and publications, helping to develop and propel the DIY movement. Paul McCarthy began collaborating with the LAFMS in the late 70’s and has been an integral participating supporter since the mid 90’s. Alex Stevens is an artist and musician who has been playing with the group since 2012.

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