Gear, soundShoppe, November, 2008 (photo by Jorge Martin)

soundShoppe is a FREE monthly unstructured sound workshop/noise jam for experimental musicians and sound artists presented by SASSAS and Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. This month’s session will be led by longtime soundShoppe participant and SASSAS friend, Wild Don Lewis of Small Drone Orchestra.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014 1p 4p Performance 12:30p Doors
Center for the Arts Eagle Rock 2225 Colorado Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041


Load in: 12:30pm

We will provide tables and chairs. Bring your own audio cables, power cords, multiple boxes, and amplification. There will be a small PA.

Interested in soundShoppe? Read the Potts Report!

Most of the sound performers playing live now have never played together. The ones who have improvised together have done so only within the limited context of a specific performance.

soundShoppe offers a means by which sound artists can hangout on a regular basis and informally explore their medium together. soundShoppe offers experienced sound musicians an opportunity experiment with different instrumentations and approaches and play outside of their comfort zone. soundShoppe also presents the opportunity for novice sound artists to interact with more experienced ones.