LAFMS Bandshell Blitz in Sousa-Hine Bandshell, Sycamore Park, Highland Park. Photo by Wild Don Lewis

Site 2 of 8 featuring:
Dennis Duck
Fredrik Nilsen
Joseph Potts
Rick Potts
Tom Recchion

Saturday, September 12, 2009 12:30pm Performance
Sycamore Grove Park 4702 North Figueroa Street Highland Park, Los Angeles


The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS), the banner heading of a loose collective of experimental musicians founded in the early 1970s, have had immeasurable influence on the spread and evolution of noise and avant-garde music and DIY culture over the past almost 40 years. In July of 1976, Le Forte Four, one of the earliest groups in the collective, created an installation at the Brand Library Art Center in Glendale, California, which consisted of forty-four black, pyramid-shaped, stereo headphones, with lights on the top,  through which were played an audio collage entitled Box Your Ears (which was released in 1976 as part of the double LP LAFMS: Live at the Brand). This installation recreates the original utilizing the twelve extant original pyramid headphones.