One of ten performances and installations taking place at Eagle Rock’s Welcome Inn, Currents Series at the Theater Vanguard (1973 – 1978) was screened continuously in Room 23.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 4pm 10pm Performance
Welcome Inn 1840 Colorado Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041


Theater Vanguard presented regular performances of experimental music, theater, film, animation and performance art. Located in the former Stage Society Theatre on Melrose in West Hollywood, The Vanguard provided a nurturing environment for LA performing arts as well as a much-needed venue for local and international artists. Currents was a regular program of electro-acoustic music at the Vanguard, founded by composer Barry Schrader in 1973 and continuing through 1978. It was the first regular presentation of electro-acoustic music in the U.S.

Pierre Schaeffer, Etudes des bruits (1948)
Etude aux chemins de fer; Etude aux tourniquets; Etude violette; Etude noire;
Etude pathétique
Vladimir Ussachevsky, Sonic Contours (1952)
Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky, Incantation (1952)
Louis & Bebe Barron, score from The Bells of Atlantis (1952)
with Anais Nin reading her poem The Bells of Atlantis
Vladimir Ussachevsky, Piece for Tape Recorder (1956)
Ilhan Mimaroglu, Bowery Bum (1964)
Mel Powell, Analogs (1966)
Analog I; Analog II; Analog III; Analog IV
Michel Chion, Requiem (excerpts) (1973)
Dies Irae; Libera Me
Warren Burt, for Anne, who broke my heart (1974)
Carl Stone, Sukothai (1977)
Barry Schrader, Lost Atlantis (excerpts) (1977)
“…and Atlantis shall rise”