With the last year of live programming under SASSAS’s belt, we are working to organize and preserve a two decade archive featuring a diverse roster of rising and renowned local and international artists performing in unique and often unusual public spaces. Our 2020 goals include adding as many concerts as possible to our online archives and simplifying our archive interface.

In 2019, concerts by Glen Branca, Pauline Oliveros, Joseph Jarman, James Tenney, Kelan Phil Cohran, and Extended Organ with Mike Kelley were preserved, professionally edited and prepared to be added to our online archives. However, concerts by Roscoe Mitchell, Carl Stone, Petra Haden, Stephen Prina, Yuko Nexus6, and many others await transfer from outdated and deteriorating Mini-DV tape. Wouldn’t you love to see Harold Budd’s 2004 performance at REDCAT where he was joined by Alex Cline, Jon Gibson, and Clive Wright? Your contribution enables us to preserve and distribute this valuable history for viewing and research by current and future generations. 

For 2020, we have $25,000 in funding from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, but we must match that in donations from our members and supporters in order to receive it. Our goal is to match $15,000 by the end of January. 

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