sine waves,
voice freed from language,
sounds freed
from mass production,
the microtonal sublime.


Kraig Grady, Erin Barnes, and company present some recent transcriptions of the music of Anaphoria. These works will be performed on unique acoustic musical instruments built by Grady to both facilitate new tunings but also as a way of choosing sounds free from that offered by mass produced instruments or effects.

Kraig Grady studied with Nickolas Slonimsky, Dean Drumond, Dorence Stalvey (all briefly) and Byong-Kon Kim (longer). Since meeting Erv Wilson in 1975, he has composed and performed in alternative tunings of Wilson’s. In the 80’s Grady (along with Keith Barefoot) became one of the first to revive the combination of live music with silent film. He was responsible for the films as well as the music. During this period he took part in the LA Philharmonic’s American Music Weekend as well as New Music America in 1990 with the opera “War and Pieces”. . Soon afterwards was his first exposure to the music of Anaphoria Island where he took up residence, on and off, for a period of three years. On his return he found himself being asked to act as a liaison between Anaphoria and North America. In this role he has produced numerous solo and ensemble works and two shadow plays TEN BLACK EYE I & II.

The duo of Anna Homler and Jorge Martin (Spastic Colon) is 4 part creation of evocative soundscapes.

  1. Anna Homler = voice, toys, found objects, and singing in invented
  2. Jorge Martin (Spastic Colon) = sine waves, pulses, feedback, and
    other random sounds.
  3. The electronic manipulation of #1 and #2 by #2.
  4. The constructive and deconstructive activity of the soundwaves
    created by #1, #2, and #3.

The outcome is usually a beautiful and soothing wall of air displacement. It is usually 1 part intentional and 3 parts randomness (spontaneity).

A.H. is a member of Voices of Kwan and Pasha Nina Teen. A.H. is internationally renowned. J.M. is a member of Spastic Colon and Sleestak. J.M. is given the impression that he is known, but does not really know what is going on.