Angels Gate Dusk was the first concert event organized by SASSAS Founder Cindy Bernard and is the historical forerunner to sound. concert series and SASSAS. Participants: Cindy Bernard, Lynn Johnston, Sam Durant, Joseph Hammer, Annetta Kapon, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Kira Vollman, Marina Rosenfeld, Joe Potts, Dave Muller, Tom Watson, Jim Shaw, Liz Larner+Ramsey Naito, Alex Slade, Frances Stark, Gabie Strong, Michael Intriere, Mike Watt.

Sunday, August 16, 1998
Angels Gate Cultural Center 3601 South Gaffey Street San Pedro, CA 90731


did a projection in silverlake,
did one in angelino heights.
figure it’s time to do one in pedro,
in the trees at angels gate.
in august. at dusk. ask some friends
to make work too. alex, annetta,
sam, liz and dave. there’s a
performance space next to
the trees. what if musicians
had to deal with each
other the way artists do?
curated like an art show.
forced improvisation.
i call and e-mail more people.
watson’s into it. prina suggests
pulling names from a hat.
joe potts confirms post-haste.
call paul tzanetopoulos for
theremin and watt for bass.
everyone suggests someone else.
call them too. come down to pedro.
hang out and play.

– Invitation card, Cindy Bernard, August, 1998

Recording notes: partial recording, transferred from original Hi8 video recorded by Diana Watson. Organized by Cindy Bernard, historical forerunner to sound. concert series and SASSAS.